Ginseng, a precious gift of the earth, it revitalizes and strengthens the body.

We’ve been the leader in ginseng for over four decades. And now we invite you to enjoy the world’s richest plant source of minerals in our Imperial Ginseng line of products.

  • Strengthen your Body, Mind, and Soul with Ginseng & Royal Jelly
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Only the finest ginseng root goes into Imperial Elixir Ginseng. We hand-select and pure-grind it, in the time-honored tradition. And unlike Ginsana–a so-called “standardized” product–only Imperial Ginseng gives you the total benefits. That’s because pure whole root is the only way to experience the healthful properties of this amazing yang plant.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a milk-like substance secreted by bees that provides nutrition to developing larvae as well as the queen bee. Often royal jelly is used to boost the immune system and help fight the effects of aging.