Imperial Elixir
“Health in the Balance”

Ginseng, a precious gift of the earth, it revitalizes and strengthens the body.

Bring balance to your body, mind & soul with our nourishing selection of herbal remedies & body care items.

At Ginco International, the makers of Imperial Elixir, we insist on the best raw ingredients and processing methods to provide you with the maximum nutritional benefit of our wellness products.

  • High-Quality Herbal Supplements at Affordable Prices
  • Ginseng available in Capsules, Extracts, Tonics, Powders & Herbal Blends
  • Bee Products, Digestive Care, Preventive Care & Tahitian Body Care

Royal Jelly

“A Fountain of Youth”

Rich in amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins (especially B5), minerals, live enzymes and an anti-microbial known as 10-HDA.

 Royal Jelly is one of the most complete concentrated natural food sources.