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Royal Tropics: Green Papaya
From ancient Hawaii comes mature Green Papaya Powder. Rich in papain, protein, fiber and high in potassium. Now in concentrated capsule form.

  • Richest Source of Papain
  • Dieting Assistance
  • Fasting Support
  • Natural Aid to Digestion
  • High in Enzyme Action
  • The Original 100% Pure Green Panava
  • Papaya (Carica papaya) is a fruit grown in tropical parts of the world such as Hawaii, the South Pacific, South America and many other places.

    The Green Papaya fruit are harvested at the optimal moment before fully ripened. The Papaya is known to have an abundance of two very important enzymes that break down proteins: Papain and chymopapain. These are proteolytic enzymes, which assist proper digestion in humans by breaking down proteins into simpler and more soluble forms.

    For more information about Green Papaya, click here.

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    Laboratory analyses of dehydrated green papaya show that it contains approximately 8% protein (mainly enzymes), 70% carbohydrates (pectin and fruit sugar), and 5% crude fiber. Green papaya is also rich in potassium (1950mg per 100 gms), which is important to balance sodium levels and protect cells against harmful substances. Vitamin A, an anti-oxidant and vision aid, is also prevalent in the amount of 2000 I.U. per 100 gms. Green papaya contains many other useful nutrients and trace elements which play an important role in human nutrition.

    Royal Tropics takes great care to ensure that the consumer gets the best green papaya product possible for proper digestion.

    More Details About Green Papaya

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