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Spanish Bee Pollen

Spanish Bee Pollen

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Golden Flower

From the pristine, wildflower-filled Andalusian mountains of  Spain comes 
Golden FlowerTM Spanish Bee Pollen. Our Spanish bee pollen is hand gathered, air dried at low temperatures and packed in CO2 flushed containers to maintain freshness and potency.

The result is a wonderfully tasty raw pollen, one that contains no preservatives, fillers, additives or insecticides. Our Spanish bee pollen is a rich source of many essential nutrients including vital amino acids-the building blocks of protein. Because our Golden FlowerTM Bee Pollen is not processed or heated, the full, healthy complement of vitamins, minerals, trace elements carbohydrates and enzymes is maintained for its nutritional value.

Many people take our Golden FlowerTM Bee Pollen prior to exercising or working out for energy enhancement while others use bee pollen as a nutritional supplement to support general well being. One word of caution: Because people with pollen sensitive allergies may find bee pollen aggravating, start with smaller amounts such as testing a few granules.

One jar contains 16 oz. (454 grams) of imported Spanish bee pollen granules or 64 servings per container. Recommended serving size is 2 teaspoons or 1/4 ounce.

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Our mission is not to copy other companies' products, but rather to fill the gaps and resolve the problems that are not currently being addressed in the marketplace. To fulfill this mission, we created a new company, GINCO International, in 1994 and began producing our own line of ginseng products under the brand name of Imperial Elixir.

People whose bodily systems are balanced tend to enjoy long term health, stamina, energy, and resistance to disease. The Chinese model for this balance is the Yin/Yang scale. Yin is considered to be cooling and relaxing, while Yang is warming and stimulating.