Royal Jelly

“A Fountain of Youth”

Rich in amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins (especially B5), minerals, live enzymes and an anti-microbial known as 10-HDA.

 Royal Jelly is one of the most complete concentrated natural food sources.

Fresh Royal Jelly

Our fresh power-packed 100% pure Royal Jelly is available in 2 oz, 4 oz glass jars, and also comes in value bulk sizes!

Value Bulk Size: 1/2 kilo, and 1 kilo which comes in a BPA-free vacuum-sealed plastic bag inside a plastic cylinder. (only food-grade packaging)


Please read before ordering:

Since Fresh Royal Jelly contains some fragile constituents:

Fresh Royal Jelly will only ship out between Monday and Wednesday

and for customers shipping to states outside of California, Arizona, and Nevada…

You will need to select UPS 2nd day or USPS Priority Express in your check-out cart

Thank you!

Royal Jelly Capsules

Fresh freeze dried into a powder, thus concentrating and preserving it into a potent economical capsule.

A more affordable form of our high quality Royal Jelly that doesn’t require refrigeration or special shipping!